You survived the storm. But did your roof?

Your roof is fundamental to the future comfort, safety and protection of your home. The fact is, damage from a storm – from high winds, water, snow or hail – can be hard to detect and, if not identified and repaired, can lead to years of hassles, headaches and costly repairs.

It is essential that you get a professional inspection of your roof, guttering and siding right away following a storm strike

Start with a FREE inspection
Before you file an insurance claim, have our certified inspector take a close look at your property to make sure nothing is overlooked.

We will work with your insurance company to simplify the insurance paperwork and approval process, and help make sure you get the full scope of work you are entitled to.


Anyone with a ladder can hang out a shingle and call themselves a “roofer.”

Vanguard Roofing and Restoration is proud to have the training, experience and long-standing reputation to call itself a professional roofing contractor and storm damage expert.

We are an established local company with national-level resources and capabilities that allow us to quickly and effectively mobilize, respond and perform following a major storm event.

• 24 Hour Stabilization Services, including tarping and board-up
• Certified inspectors for knowledgeable roof damage assessments
• Aerial imaging for quick, accurate measurements and material and labor estimating
• Insurance process experience and expertise
• National-scale buying power, ensuring timely delivery of quality materials at a good price

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